14.3 is 14.2


In the world of other, there is Other as well. The importance is a shell within the multiverse of concepts. Outdoing is outflow is inflow at once sensible and terrifying. An unchecked apparition flat in source but tupled in many n’s. Not an ononteological topology of theism at least. That’s just a fairy tale. You expect gratification from a screen? Really…your fucking habit with no clothes or habit to dress. The Emporess fully dressed and everywhere to go yet too heavy for sulcata’s back maybe radiated better on the back of a mature one. Full of mistakes for all to ignore and back to the screen? Kill that and typeover subscripted off the party of 5. Blasing told it all in 1 verse why must I?


Words that should not be accreted into anthing prosaïc but must be expressed. 

The night was white without any fantasm or assumed story or it was void of dream having any content negative, neutral, or positive.

Certain, if there was such a state, it was supplanted by the schism of realization brought by at least 2 senses those being sight and sound particularly the latter. The scraping, pounding, trenching, marking, piercing of an earthly machinating device had primacy over the 2 prioritised senses. But the sight of the familiar was glaring even hidden amongst the old sheets that were overdue for laundering. The damp envelope only held allure for so long. 

The daymare unfolded.